01 June 2009

putt-putt birthday party

i have been meaning to add these photos to my blog because this was such a fun and easy party. almost a month later, here they are......

we generally have our birthday parties at home because i just love at home birthday parties. but this year maguire decided he wanted to have a putt- putt golf party. i could not imagine 14 kids in my backyard with putters and golf balls. all i could see were broken windows.

so if your birthday people want to have a putt-putt party, i hope this post gives you some fun ideas. enjoy!

step 1: make cute invitations to get invitees excited about the party.

step 2: find a location. this 18 hole course that i found is close to our home. they had a party room and took care of the pizza, drinks, and paper products. probably one of the easiest parties i have ever done.

we had a beautiful day....warm and sunny. the water was probably the biggest attraction.
the golf balls float if putted (or thrown!) into the water. nets were available to fish them out.
a big hit with the boys.

step 3: make or buy a cake to fit the theme. i usually make my kids birthday cakes. this one is a little bit half and half. a local bakery made the base and i made the golf ball that went on top. a simple flag with a seven was the same flag i used on the invitations.

step 4: send them home with fun party favors! the location we had this at also provided a frisbee and we added iced sugar cookies to them. iced sugar cookies are our standard party favor. the kids always love them, they are relatively easy to make the night before, look festive all packaged up, and are a fraction of the cost of all that trinkity stuff that ends up in the recycle bin.

step 5: be sure to write thank you cards to all your friends that brought such beautifully wrapped packages!


Cris said...

A 'putt-putt' party! Nice idea! My son's celebrating his birthday soon and I can't think of any ideas to make it very special. He's not interested in golf but he loves basketball. I think I'll steal your idea and make his fave sport the theme of his party. I'll also have iced sugar cookies but with basketball ball design. Really cool! Can't wait!

Oliver's said...

What a cute party! I love those cookies...so creative! How is the garden coming along?

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