06 June 2009

friday fun finds

oh how i love scrabble letters. and oh how i love all things with numbers. so you can imagine my excitement for this friday fun find!

my two favorites combined into these scrabble tiles with numbers! they are from a game called Numble. i have never heard of it, and i am not sure how it is played. but that doesn't matter because i just bought it for the game pieces.

and this old tool box will be the new home for the number tiles.

they will be joining all of these collected game pieces. and all of these (but not the cool tool box!) will be for sale at the big june sale next week.

the countdown is on for finishing up projects for the big june sale. this chair was also a fun find. it was originally red with an ugly fabric on the seat. this is her with her fresh coat of white paint, all sanded down to have a bit of red peaking through, and a cute stripe to cover her seat. she will also, along with other redone chairs be at the sale next week.
here is to a good weekend, and to getting projects done!

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