04 June 2009

kid kafe

our street is having our annual garage sales this week. yes, it pains me to wonder what great sales i am missing out on while holding my own. but sometimes, i have to clear the clutter.
instead of a lemonade stand, the boys decided on more of a breakfast stand. they sold muffins, coffee and cookies. it has been a bit cool this week so the coffee was a big hit! the muffins and cookies? SOLD OUT! next time you are pressed to have a lemonade stand....think of doing a kid kafe instead and let me know how it goes.


Oliver's said...

What a clever idea! My youngest did a lemonade stand last weekend at our annual sale and didn't sell one glass (besides what the family bought) I felt so sorry for her. We will have to try this next time. Paula

Jessica said...

i went to several today and yesterday and got some great buys. we aren't' in our home yet, so i've got to quit going, but just like you said. it pains me to think of what i'm missing when i don't go!

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