26 July 2009

date night :: kansas city

last night i had a date.
the weather in kansas city has been so amazing (i know i wrote about it last week...but it is still just so beautiful out). so we knew our date had to take place outside.
we started it out by having appetizers on the front lawn. not just any front lawn, the largest front lawn in kansas city....

if you can not recognize the building....maybe the photos below will help....

yep, the front lawn of the Nelson Art Gallery. so hard to believe that there were so few people there. we practically had the place to ourselves.

then we headed out for dinner on the plaza.

we ate on the back deck at one of my all time favorite places:

then headed to the top deck at John's downtown. this place has a nice view of the city and had a band playing 80's music. the beer is cold and with it being downtown, if you inhale deep enough, you can get a buzz from the smell coming from the Folger's coffee plant. i love that smell and always reminds me of when i lived downtown and could smell that coffee smell daily.

thanks to my parents for keeping the boys so we could have some fun. xoxo mom & dad!

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