09 July 2009

how does my garden grow?

very well! my goodness it has really taken over with the hot weather. it is probably safe for me to say that i put too many plants in. it seems pretty crowded. but who knew that everything would actually grow?!

i noticed our corn the other day. how cool is that? that i am growing corn....!

lots of flowers for cutting.

a few cherry tomatoes turning red. four other tomato plants are doing well too. the lettuce is gone now that it is so hot. we had so much of it, and it was great to just walk out to the garden and pick it and make a huge salad. it was so yummy! cucumbers, jalapenos, tomatoes, carrots and corn will be ready soon. the herbs are doing well to and have been fun to cook with.
two 4x9 beds just really aren't that big. might need to add another next year....or move to a farm! (i will post about that desire soon.) what's growing in your garden?

1 comment:

Oliver's said...

Your garden looks so great! Makes me want to run to the Farmers Market down the street...and you get yours for free!

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