28 July 2009

some creative thinking

my therapist has told me that maybe i have commitment issues. i think she might be right. i love tray bella, i love making and selling my trays. but i often get bored. it has not become a 'job' yet which is why i still really love it. but i can not {commit} to doing the same trays over and over ~ even though they are all unique with different papers.
as i go junking i am always drawn to funky old handles. i dream of finding big bins of them to dig through.

i am also drawn to all shapes and sizes of old drawers and boxes.

old fruit crates work too.

every now and then i put two and two together. my accountant husband would say that equals four but i say that when i put funky old handles together with old boxes and drawers, that it makes for some pretty cool trays.

lining them with different papers makes them one of a kind. though they do not have handles attached yet, i will {commit} to getting them on and post another photo later.
using what i have collected to create something useful and beautiful....now that is thinking outside the box.
these will be for sale at two upcoming sales this fall!

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