22 July 2009

summer nights

the weather in kansas city this past week has been AMAZING! is this really july?! we have been staying outside late into the evening and enjoying every moment. last week we had a fun outing.....we headed to the trails.

we quickly packed a picnic dinner. flowers from the garden made the picnic more special (for me anyway...the boys really could have cared less).

we packed up a scooter,

and some bikes. after dinner and riding on the trails we stopped at the fountain and played.
the boys had a blast!

we were having such a great time we really hated to head back home. but like they say, all good things come to an end.
a few nights later we met friends for dinner and another park outing. i forgot my camera that night....rats. the kids had fun and again, the weather was amazing. we have had our air conditioning off for a week....that is unheard of in kansas city in july. we have really been lucky.
breakfast, lunches and dinners all outside? i'll take it!

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