16 July 2009

fun finds

i was kind of beginning to wonder if i would ever hit a good garage sale again. seems like lately all the ones i have stopped at have been a bust. aaahhh...but today, so these are actually thursday fun finds instead of friday fun finds, i managed to find a few treasures.

brusha, brusha, brusha. for some reason i am drawn to small brushes. especially those with wood handles. could it be my sub-conscience telling me i should be at home cleaning instead of out junking?! if it is, i am not listening. i dug through some boxes today at a sale and out of 9 boxes discovered all of these small brushes. i also bought that cute metal box you see in the photo.

most of the brushes have stiff metal bristles, but some have soft ones and probably were part of a shoe shine kit. regardless of their main purpose i thought they looked quite content all joined together.

the lone red handled one i really like. i think it is the addition of metal bits with the wood that gets my attention. if you are into brushes, they will be for sale at the big October sale (details at a way later date).

i also found this tattered trunk today. i still need to clean it up. it will be a prop for the sales that i do. i always need a big trunk to display a large portion of my trays in.
so out of 3 sales today: 2 were good and 1 was a bust. and you know how that song goes....2 out of 3 ain't bad. if you are treasure hunting let me know what cool stuff you have found lately.

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