16 August 2010

what is this?

i saw this at a thrift store today.
pondered what i could do with it, wasn't feeling creative so walked away and left it.

later this afternoon i was flipping through an old country home magazine.
right there, on the bottom shelf of a kitchen island was something very similar to this.  ideas starting floating through my head on ways i could us it.

back to the thrift store, fingers crossed that it was still there, and there it was!!  yeah!

originally i think it to be a commercial loaf pan.  but this thing is huge.  each pan measures approx. 15" x 5"  that seems so large for loaves of bread but maybe not.

does anyone know?

i'm not planning to use it to bake with, just thought it was cool, industrial and might be something i could use is M's new room design.  {note:  for those waiting on the baseball room redo....it's not going to happen.  we've been getting brick wallpaper samples and they all look really bad.  NOW he's decided that he doesn't necessarily want a baseball room, but just more of a grown up boy room.}

i think this boy has more than a bit of his mama in him. ;)

leave me a comment and let me know what you think this might be.


Polly said...

I immediately thought commercial loaf pan too!

Anonymous said...

it is a bakery bread pan. used to bake several loaves at a time.

Sara Farrar Photography said...

i am thinking bread pan too.. wonder if you could plant flowers in it? seems like that could look neat. or put individual clay pots in each bin... i LOVE it!

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