20 August 2010

mona and moi

there she was.
sitting all pretty in a gold frame.
with a great price tag.
at an estate sale i went to today.

i bought her because we're having a french theme to part of our booth at Vintage Market this month.
{i know her artist was italian, but she seems french to me because i saw her at the louve}
i think she would look amazing in our booth.
she also looks good around my house.
i think i want to keep her.
is that weird?  to have a copy of the mona lisa in my home? 
i am sure the boys in my house will say to take her down because "she keeps looking at me".

maybe it's just the frame i like...who knows...i am keeping her!
{she may end up in my booth 'just for looks' with a NFS sign on her}

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Marci said...

Keep it, for sure!

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