10 August 2010

lego birthday party

my baby turned 4 this past saturday.

he wanted to celebrate with a Lego themed party...and so we did!

i designed and made the invitations.

i poured out a ton of Lego pieces on the table and inserted 4 candles. lit the candles and took the picture.
the photo then lifts for all the party info inside.

we put out a bunch of Lego pieces on the table for the kids to build with.

and then there was the cake.

it took me all morning to get it made.  i am no professional baker, but i always put out my best effort for a homemade birthday cake.  luckily my kids are always happy with the results.

i baked two 9x13 size cakes.  each 9x13 cake was cut into 4 pieces.  two 4" widths (for the green and blue pieces) and then the piece that was left i cut into 2 squares (for the white piece).   i just felt that one 9x13 cake wasn't enough...they were too thin.  so i frosted in the middles and topped them with another piece.   the round buttons on top are made with marshmallows.  spray your kitchen scissors with cooking spray and the marshmallows cut easily.

topped off with homemade ice-cream (a birthday tradition around here!) and presents and our 4 year old was extremely happy!

so hard to believe that he's 4....time has flown.  he's such a sweet boy and is growing faster than lighting!


cityfarmer said...

gotta please the kids...give 'em that theme party!!

soon they outgrow it ...sniff sniff

Marci said...

How neat. I love the lego cake!

9405018--Pat said...

Happy Birthday cooper....what a great cake....looks like fun..thanks for sharing..Pat H

Room to Inspire said...

What a great party idea - that cake is amazing!


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