02 August 2010

for love of the game

i have a client requesting a bedroom makeover.
he loves baseball and has requested his room redo be all about baseball.

i couldn't sleep last night because i was pondering this baseball room redo.
i automatically thought of vintage baseball.
i am also thinking photos of my client, in his baseball uniform, printed out on canvas.
my clients room needs de-cluttering and storage.  he is also in need of a large dresser.
 i am thinking an antique hi-boy will do the trick.

that's about all i could think of late last night before i hit a brick wall.

ahhhh....a brick wall. 
a feature wall behind my clients bed....perfect....or not??

one of the disadvantages to repainting, rearranging, switching in and out furniture in my home is that my boys constantly want their rooms redone. 

my client . . . my 8 year old son.
i am hoping i hit a home run on this one!

leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on using brick wallpaper as a feature wall....in the meantime i am going to order a sample.


Fräulein Klein said...

What a beautiful vintage photo! Is this a baseball-team?
Have a nice weekend,
Hugs, yvonne

cityfarmer said...

great thoughts honey ... be sure the brick looks authentic ... nothing worse that faux brick looking too faux

fun project ... I'm all about those old team pictures!

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