12 August 2010

gettin' the ball rollin'

i have always wanted a house with a screen porch. 
for 5 years i have been entertaining mr. traybella with all my ideas for a screen porch.
i have folders full, books dog eared, and inspiration saved on my computer for such project.

i finally got the OK to get the ball rolling on this project. 
so all my ideas are getting sorted through.

and because i have been anticipating this project for so long,
it isn't just a back screen porch anymore...it has grown.

a back screen porch with a really cool fireplace. {i believe that the only reason the fireplace made it into the plan is because i promised mr. traybella that he could then hang a flat screen above the mantle}.  i am a girl who knows how to get what she wants.  sure honey, have the t.v. and for every football game please invite your drinking buddies over and i'll be sure to have lovely snacks at the ready  !!

this long overdue project has also grown into a front porch,

and an arbor out by the pool.  not to forget the new roof, shutters, and a new garage door.  oh and let's just bump out the garage while we're at it too.

all of these photos are just inspiration for my projects. 
we are meeting with architects to get all my ideas into drawings. 
and then we will see what the damage will be. 
and then we'll wait and save. 
but the ball is rollin' and if i can get what i see in my creative mind down on paper, then we'll be rollin' in a very exciting direction.
a reminder to mr. traybella {who sometimes reads my blog}...flat screen, drinks, friends and football!
it's as good as it gets! !


Oliver's said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I have gas piped into my back porch for a fireplace....just need to work it into my budget! Would love gas lanterns too...re-dos turn into domino affects don't they? Can't wait to see your project unfold...Do let me know how you weather proof your flat screen...we have had 105 degree days here in Oklahoma!

Oliver's said...

I read where you are doing a vintage baseball re-do and I just found this site today. www.wallhogs.com You can take a picture and make it into a wall vinyl any size. You could play with picnik.com and vintage one up of your son or use a real vintage photo. The site does not do it justice so I am giving you a couple of links that do. Have fun!


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