04 December 2008

3 shows in 3 months

and i am done! whew! three shows in three months was tough for me. but this is the best time of year for selling my trays. i just finished up the past two days at the kappa kappa gamma holiday home tour. (a huge thanks to my mom, sister and husband for helping out with the boys!! i can not thank you enough!) the gift shop was filled with approx. 25 vendors. i saw old friends and met many new ones (hello heather, robin and willa!!)

i have a few special order trays to get delivered and then i will start to enjoy this christmas season with my children. i will still be on the hunt for trays, paper and handles but will not be making any trays until after the first of the year. i love this time with my boys and they love it! let it snow!! oh, and speaking of handles.... i found the most fabulous handles! i can not wait to get them in the mail. i have an idea for a new line of trays....hmm, mmm. i will still create the trays i have in the past, these little beauties will be new for 2009! i can hardly wait to get going on them...but i will because they involve collecting pieces, paper, ect. even though i am taking a break from trays, i will continue to add to my blog. i still have christmas decorations to show, posts about my favorite things and who knows what else. thank you to those that read my blog, are new to my blog, and who came to see me at my recent shows. i am blessed!


Anonymous said...

You were at the cure of ars and I was helping a friend with her booth. I picked up your card and have become addicted to your blog! You do a great job with it and it has been a lot of fun to read. Every day, I check out you and also nieniesdialogues.
Take care!

Marci said...

Hi, where are your trays sold in Kansas City? Also, do you teach classes on how to make them? Enjoy your blog, btw...

kathi hardin said...

Marci, Sorry I can't reply directly to you without your email address. I hope you see this reply.... I sell my trays at Now & Then in Downtown Overland Park. You can also contact me, via email, and see them in my studio.
I do not teach classes on how to make my trays...so sorry.

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