30 December 2008

christmas outings

my boys love going to union station, especially at christmas time. volunteers put up this awesome train exhibit. the detail is amazing. i think it is as much fun for the adults as it is for the children. my dear friend J and her son M joined us on our outing. the boys love to run up and down the grand hall, and it is a good space for them to burn off some energy. at the end of the grand hall there is a huge christmas tree. around it is this train the children can ride on.

union station hooks up to crown center, eating at fritz's is a must. at crown center they had gingerbread displays, with a train, that the boys enjoyed watching.
then on friday we went back to union station, so that the boys (and my husband) could ride the train to grandma's house. it is only a short 36 minute train ride, but it is a fun, inexpensive adventure.
so all in all our christmas week was a really good one. our celebration was spread out over four days and gifts were at a minimum. we still have this week off from school. we have some reading to do, playing with new toys, and taking down the christmas decorations. a nice, easy and very enjoyable week. i hope yours will be the same.

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