09 December 2008

multi functional furniture

i love furniture. and because i buy inexpensive furniture, i am known to replace it often. take my coffee table for example. i found a really cute table from the 70's. it has some curves to it and looked a little french country to me. i loved it, and loved it even more after i brought it home and painted it black. i scooped it up at a second hand store because i couldn't find what i really wanted. what i really wanted was a bench of some sort. but sporting new black paint, i really liked the little table i found. it was always a smidgen too big for the space though, and that really bothered me. so over the weekend i went to a favorite place of mine called good juju. i found 3 benches to chose from! all at fantastic, low prices. so i decided on this beauty and lugged it home with me.

i love everything about it. the size, the color, the chipped paint, and especially the shelf on the bottom that allows for some toy baskets. this bench fits the space better than the little black table before it. so the black table is now in my basement, either waiting for its debut on craig's list or i will hold on to it for my next sale. AND i love when furniture is multi functional. this little bench is coffee table by day.......
and bunk beds for two silly boys come bedtime. i ran some errands last night and i came home to this. i beamed proudly when i saw this transformation. great things happen around here when the t.v. is off.

M also gathered two trays, one for him and one for his brother, to place their snack on. i couldn't even complain about the unhealthy snack choice. brothers playing together and being creative....i'll take it. my cup runneth over!

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Susan said...

Ooh this is fabulous! Cool furniture and decoration ideas.

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