31 December 2008

after christmas decorating

the day after christmas i start to itch to take down the tree and the christmas decorations. i put them up the day after thanksgiving, so to me, it seems as though they are up forever. yesterday i finally got everything all packed away. after seeing the layers of decorations throughout the holidays, my decorating mantra for january is one word... simple!

i like to use bits and pieces of the real christmas garland here and there. above my mantle in the hearth room i simply hung a evergreen branch on a frame. then tucked in bingo cards, i had in a stash of mine, because it brings happy memories of playing games all winter long.

white candles and some pine cones and that is it for this mantle.

some greenery also ended up on the dining room table centerpiece. a small clock on a cake pedestal makes a grand presence when topped with a glass dome. it is also a nod to new years eve! a few silver ornaments and a glitter star add some sparkle.

the mantel in the living room was filled with garland, stockings and glitz. now it screams simplicity with just a winter scene painting, a little bit of greenery into an urn and one candle.
i love simple decorating and that, at this time of year, my house is free of clutter (most of it anyway)!

one more spot for greenery, in a vase with some tulips. a sure sign that spring is soon to come. i know winter just started....but i am looking forward to when spring is in the air.

next up, clean the closest and the light fixtures that for some reason always get forgotten.

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