06 December 2008

your bags are everywhere!

i have been doing shows for a few years and i thought i would share this tip with you. maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level. regardless, this tip is for you. at shows, other vendors will come up to me and say "business must be good, i see your bags everywhere!". or shoppers come up to me and say "i was curious to what everyone was buying. i see your bags everywhere!"

i found these great newsprint bags and use them at all my shows. they really fit with the feel of tray bella AND when my customers carry them around it makes others wonder what's in the bag (free advertising?? i will take it!). i think it has been great for my business. sure, they cost. but i am a big believer that it is all about the packaging and if you sell a great product why would you stuff it in a plastic grocery bag? be proud of what you sell, all the way down to the bag that your product goes home in. take your business up a notch by finding a bag that fits your business style. have fun and good luck!

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