09 April 2009

easter decorating

i am not sure why, but i always have a problem when it comes to easter decorating. my home is pretty neutral, so you would think that adding some pastel color to it would be an easy thing to do. but for some reason, when i go putting pastel decorations around, it just looks like the easter bunny came in and threw up.

i think the real reason is that i just do not like pastels. oh i like light colors, white, cream, grey and the lightest of browns. every now and then even pale blue but it has to have a bit of grey in it. so i do not do pastels for easter decorating, instead i use lots of browns and whites.

these cute little eggs, wrapped in strips of paper torn from a french book, are cozy in a nest that sits on an urn.

the perfect color of toasty brown.

spanish moss in a jar with a few eggs is so easy to create. a white rabbit next to a large cream crackled egg sits on my entry table.

this tall rabbit i love. i changed out his pink bow to a chocolate one and i like him even more. he sits on the mantel in our living room.

aaahhh looky there...some blue! i tuck nests here and there and some are filled with eggs. most of these i will keep up all spring.

i just love the simplicity of this white rabbit and like how he really stands out from the green plant he sits in front of.

little brown cast iron rabbit sits quietly on my other mantle waiting for the easter bunny to tuck a filled egg next to him.
so if you are also one that does not do pastels..... do not worry that you can not decorate for easter. just go with the more natural colors of springs. happy easter!


Oliver's said...

I think your Easter decor is easily my favorite in blog land, I too love the "neutral" Easter since my home is done in reds and golds chocolates etc. I am feeling the envy of your garden I have been trying to talk my husband into making us one and think I may finally be getting close. What a great idea with the gate, please show us pics every step of the way!

Anonymous said...

I love how you decorated the eggs! I, too, am not fond of pastels and have a tough time decorating for Easter. Thank you for sharing your decorations. I would love to see more of your beautiful home. I just love your decorating style. so warm and inviting!

Robin in MD

2redsmom said...

I love your Easter decor! I also lean toward more natural colors. I just finished setting the table for easter dinner; the adult table is cream and all shades of green. The kiddos table is the more traditional pastels. I'm also using a lovely black polka dot tray...sound familiar?

Anita said...

I love your neutral take on Easter eggs! What a grand idea. Beautiful decor. You've done an awesome job on your garden - I adore the little gate! Can't wait to see what it looks like with birdhouses, etc.

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