13 April 2009

easter traditions

chicks and eggs decorated sugar cookies always complete easter around our house. i use my grandma's swedish sugar cookie recipe, and royal icing to make these irresistible cookies. they are always quickly gobbled up by children....AND adults! i wish there was one left to go with my latte this morning.

coloring eggs is another easter tradition. the boys have a good time dipping the eggs and seeing what colors transpire. by the end, i think each egg gets dipped in ALL the colors. we never know what we'll end up with, and M thinks of it as some science project. we eventually got C to slowly lower his egg into the glass. but then he said 'i like to splash it'.

seems like we always end up with lots of purple and pinks. the pale blue ones are my favorite.

luckily these just go right back into the fridge....because you know how i feel about pastels. ;)
i prefer my eggs colored in strong coffee, but this was a kid project and as long as they are happy mama's happy too.

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