24 April 2009

friday fun finds : : week one

garage sale season....my favorite time of the year! i never really go to look for anything special, i just like the thrill of the hunt. so i thought i would start this little 'friday fun finds' series. each friday i will blog about my fun garage sale finds i found during the week.

let's get started!

how sweet are these tiny white chairs? (they measure approx. 7" tall) they were all lined up in a row and i could not resist them. as much as i love these babies, they are going in the june sale (details on the sale when it gets closer). i just need to decide if i will sit small potted herbs on them or a candle. so cute!

i also thought that this old wood table was destined for the june sale. but....once i got him home i decided that i needed him here on my patio. the cute round mirror has a plastic frame. it was cracked, but for $1 i knew it had to go in my garden or on my patio. love it!! i also found an old black tray and a garden trug, and a one can never have enough white bowl. i will put my tray bella touch on the tray and maybe some old garden tools in the trug and they will be for sale at the june sale. the bowl i will keep to hold fresh vegetables from my garden.

a photo of my patio. stuff just got lugged out for the season. looking at this photo i see lots of projects. wicker chairs need a new coat of paint and the wood coffee table and my new small table need a coat of marine varnish so they will withstand the summer weather. look how cute that tiny table and mirror look. a perfect spot to hold summer drinks or appetizers when we do summer entertaining. i knew i NEEDED that table!
have a good weekend!

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