30 April 2009

garden update and completed rain barrel

i finally hung the garden gate. oh my how i love it! still need to cut the side post down and top with finials or birdhouses. thanks to my dear dad for coming over and tilling the garden for me with his power tiller. i don't know if any of you have ever tried to till a garden by hand....it is difficult and exhausting. i was so glad my dad had the power tool and the time to help us out.

our old potting bench was also moved into the garden area. i plan to grow something up the trellis to make it appear to be in a room of its own. chicken wire side gates are up to keep the pesky rabbits at bay. still need to line the bottom of the fence with wire to make sure they do not sneak in.

the boys and i planted seeds last week. carrots, lettuce, sunflowers, and marigolds. corn and pole beans will go in this week along with the tomato, peppers, and herb plants. our lettuce is already starting to sprout up!

plant markers and tomato cages are in and waiting. i divided the garden into sections with jute so the boys could each have a space and know where things were planted.

i signed up for a class on how to make a rain barrel. unfortunately i was sick with the flu that day, but my friends who also were taking the class put mine together for me. thank you lorie, amy and leslie!! i finally got around to painting it and installing it to the gutter. these are bit unsightly, so one of these days i will get some plants in around it. one project at a time. but for now.... let it rain!

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Jessica said...

i want a rain barrell. one of my clients has a "green" store and she sales them. i told her we may barter our next session so i can have one as well.

i'm excited. she is ordering me a composter this week, so next week we can start composting!!!!

i'm turning all green. . .by the way? i'm doing my younger son's room in vintage race cars. . i'm SO EXCITED about it!!!!

hope you are doing well.

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