14 April 2009

who needs a gym when you're building a garden

did i mention how physically difficult building this garden has been? oh, there are no complaints here, i just had no idea that it would be this physically draining. i thought that building small beds would be an easy project. wow was i wrong. but i am loving every minute of it!

over the weekend i used a post hole digger (thanks dad!) to dig the holes for the gate posts. they are in cement and with all the rain we have had will most likely take a week to dry. that gives me time to find some gate hooks so that i can hang the gate. i will also even up the posts on the top and M wants to top them off with bird houses.

luckily the rain stopped yesterday and lucky for me it was during C's nap time. with my rubber boots on and already muddy jacket i headed out to work some more. i have a pile of bricks, left over from another unfinished project, and decided to add some visual interest to the front of the garden. these are just sitting there for now, hopefully this afternoon i will get them buried into the ground a bit. this makes it easy for the mower wheels to go over while mowing the grass. i also need to get these box woods planted and mulch around them.

i finally got all the dirt from the end of the driveway hauled back to the beds. some bags of compost and also mixed in some mulched leaves. once the dirt dries out i will get the beds tilled and we will be ready to plant. it is coming along and the kids and i can not wait to get plants in and watch them grow. i better get out there and get those bricks in the ground.... stay tuned.

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Oliver's said...

Omg I cleaned the yard yesterday and it's actually a miracle I can even type. I feel your pain. We are starting our raised beds this weekend yeah! If you have any advice other than a masseuse and some icy hot I would love to hear it! Can't wait to see your gate in place.

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