09 March 2010

forgive me for i have sinned

i gave up sweets for lent.

i did good for say . . um . . ahem . . the first 3 days.
and then
i googled 'the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe'
and i found this recipe.

and i made these cookies
for this little guy . . . really.
but then i had to try the new recipe

and oh my goodness THIS just might be THE best chocolate chip cookie i have ever had.
so i ate more.
and then made more.

i made some with no chocolate chips, because that is the way my kids like them.
and so the others, made with chips,
some went to mr. traybellas office,
some to a neighbor.
and i am sure you can guess where the others went.
needless to say that after i collect the tax info mr. traybella is requesting i will be spending the rest of the day . . .
on the treadmill.


Curious said...

I love that the boys like them without chocolate chips as that is EXACTLY how I like them! Funny, finicky folks we are!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well I'm sure God will forgive your sin but I'm not sure if I can forgive you for tempting me with those cookies! Now I want some! LOL


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