21 March 2010

occupational hazard

i love that i can hunt for things, put them in a sale and make someone happy.

my mantra is that i only buy what i would put into my own home.
because of that, i am able to quickly move through a garage sale or thrift store.

but occasionally it causes what i call occupational hazard.
take this small wood piece.  i am not sure what its original purpose was, but with the round water mark on the top of it, i assumed it was used to hold a plant.  so i brought it home, sanded it down, restained it and oh my goodness does it look so pretty on a buffet.  i'm calling it a wood cake stand because i think a cake would look prominently beautiful sitting on top of this (a cake on a plate that is).  so now i want to keep it. 

i also found this lovely white platter.  love the scallop edge on it and again want to keep it for myself. 

at this rate, i will have nothing for my upcoming sale.  and a house full of fabulous finds.
like i said . . . occupational hazard. cest la vie! 

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