03 March 2010

something different

first let me apologize for the horrible photos today. the sun is out (squeal!) and it made for a horrible reflection on the window. but i will take the sun!

sometimes i get tired of a wreath on my front door. so instead i often opt for a picture. i am sure the sun will fade this, but i paid just a few bucks at a garage sale for it. it may even look aged once the sun does its job on it. so if you're tired of your front door . . . try something different.

i also found this today peeking out at me in the garden. it won't be long!


Room to Inspire said...

What a great idea to replace the typical wreath with a framed print. It works well that you have the protective glass in front - I love that you switch it up.


9405018--Pat said...

Great idea...I finish the book last week " Happiness Project" I really enjoy it thanks again I'm going to try my own happiness project! we will see thanks ..Pat H

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