16 March 2010

thrifting . . . with grandma

we spent this last weekend in iowa visiting grandparents.
i asked grandma if there were any thrift stores nearby that she knew of.
i told her that i like to scour them for items to resell.
she knew of one.
i suggested that mr. traybella stay at home with the boys (3, 7, and 93 year old grandpa) and she could come with me.
she quickly said "let's go!"

we couldn't get out of the house fast enough, she was ready to go!

i realized on the way to the thrift store that this outing wasn't about what i was going to find but more about grandma. it was so fun having her point out all the farm houses. she knows who lives in almost everyone of them.

she cares for grandpa on a daily basis, all by herself.

she's 92 but i bet you would guess her more to be in her 70's. she is quick, witty and beautiful. she does everything on her own still, including entertaining us with style.

she rarely, if ever, leaves grandpa so an hour or so out was pure joy for her. we had so much fun!
i found these two bowls. i had intentions of flipping them, but think i may hang onto them as a memory of thrifting . . . with grandma.


Pat@BPM said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with your grandmother!

cityfarmer said...

3, 7 and 93 ... I almost spit red wine onto my keyboard ... thanks for the laugh .... the bowls ...I must own them

Marci said...

What a special time with your grandmother. Yes, keep the bowls! You'll always remember her when you see them.

Oliver's said...

What a gift to shop with your grandmother. And what a trooper your husband is. Paula

Frizzy and Bird said...

Such sweet and unexpected moments to remember. You have honored her beautifully.

2redsmom said...

Isn't it fun when a special memory is made so unexpectantly? I hope you hang on to at least one of the bowls.

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