29 March 2010

i love a surprise

what a week!  mr. traybella was across the pond last week for business.  which is why i was able to stay up {really} late some nights and get my master bedroom redo complete.  i will have the finished photos posted on wednesday linking up to white wednesday.  it feels so good to have that room done...and might i add beautiful . . . in my opinion anyway.

mr. traybella also brought home surprises with him!
he doesn't always do this, so when he does, it is really a treat.
oh how i love beautifully wrapped packages...

he said i was hard to shop for. 
and that the street he was on was all expensive and fancy . . . with beautiful model like looking girls all over the place.
he was in milan, italy.
i have no doubt that the women are beautiful there...but stick to shopping for your wife will ya!  ;)

he picked this out for me.
all by himself.
and . . . i love it!
but mostly, i love having him back home.
sleeping in our redone master bedroom with me. 
have a great day!

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9405018--Pat said...

HOW SWEETof hubby...glad he made it home safe...love Milan Italy, we were there last summer beautiful place...pat H

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