13 January 2010

afternoon tea

i received a small box of Tea Forte from a friend as a hostess gift. i am really just a basic tea bag kind of girl. i really know nothing about tea, and don't pretend too. i like to take 15 minutes in the afternoon, when the wee one (he's 3...not really 'wee' but always will be to me) is napping and ponder over a cup of herbal tea.
i can tell you, that after trying a couple of these teas, they have become my new favorite.

i am all about packaging and i think the packaging for this tea is adorable. (they even have a really cute heart shaped box for valentines day...check out their site by clicking on the button over on the left of my blog...i know, advertising...but i do LOVE this stuff, you will not be disappointed).
each tea is wrapped in a little box, and how cute is that little green leaf?! when you remove the box it is still beautiful...

the tea is inside this beautiful silk diffuser. and that cute little green leaf stays on too. i love that it sits in your mug and when you're ready to take it out you just lift it by the green leaf.
i find myself still enjoying my morning 4 shot espresso latte, but also really looking forward to the quiet of the afternoon having this lovely tea.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I like a good caffeine kick in the morning, too. By the afternoon, I am usually sitting down with a cup of tea myself.
This tea is very cute looking:) I will need to check it out.
Blessings to you!

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