20 January 2010

wheels are turning

it is no secret that i do not sit well. i always have a project either in process or the wheels are turning in my little creative mind.
i am never happy with my master bedroom. i see lots of photos of master bedrooms that make me swoon, and i so wish mine did that for me.

i will change the paint color, add new curtains, new lamps, etc and think...that's it, i love it. and then it just doesn't last. is it because i spend so little time in this room? i just always feel like it is neglected. *sigh*
so i am going to be scouring favorite magazines, online stores, blogs and even that 'master bdrm' file, that i have tucked away, full of ideas. i have just a small budget for this room (read no budget really), so i want to not rush it. i'll see what i have stored in the attic that can be used (old doors, shutters, columns, etc..) i'd also like to see what i can find thrifting. i am going through withdrawal with no garage sales this time of year but soon the weather will warm up and the sales will be plentiful.

i have to keep the bed, and painting it really isn't an option. there also aren't many options as far as the arrangement of the room. too many doors and windows in the wrong places. but i hope to figure out something. i'd also like new (thrifted) side tables, preferably ones that don't match. and if i don't find what i'm looking for, i'll just paint the ones i currently have.

i will for sure post photos when i finish this project....it will probably be awhile though. stay tuned. and if you have any good bedroom sites that you could recommend please throw them my way!


sarah said...

i would change out the curtains, something softer if you don't need them to stop the light, if so possibly add some blinds underneath, love that you have a double aspect like that...

the bed is gorgeous, i like the colour it is...i think it is the walls that are the sticking point, I think they pull the room 'down'...lightening that up I think will make the bed pop more against it and make it a feature as it is so beautiful

it would be a shame to lose those lamps, they look great, perhaps once the room is painted they could stay?

hope you get lots of inspiration...it's tricky knowing what to do isn't' it? especially when you are on a budget

good luck


Marci said...

If you don't want to change out the curtains, pulling them to one side with a tassel would look nice. Like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_iMM6LDlTqEg/SkPkBbJO-MI/AAAAAAAABHs/OJN9Hs5fT8Y/s1600-h/Red+Drapes.JPG

I did this with a single window in my dining room and it looks very elegant. I was able to get textured silk curtains at Bed, Bath & Beyond on clearance.

koralee said...

Oh good for you..I do love to change my home too...in fact I am always doing something. Yes..please show us the finished results..though I think your bedroom is lovely how it is right now. xoxo

2redsmom said...

I did a mini redo on our bedroom last year and now it is one of my favorite rooms; a true sanctuary. My favorite change was taking away the bedside lamps and adding swing arm lamps. I am a big-time furniture mover, so I was skeptical of commiting the bed to the same place, but the lamps and the new mirror over the bed make this a true focal point.
Good luck; can't wait to see what you decide to do

Marci said...

What about a gallery wall next to the bed or above it? Symmetrical. http://www.livecreatingyourself.com/2010/01/alainas-in-mexico-and-needs-guest_28.html

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