05 January 2010

four french baguettes

i have a yearning to master the art of baking bread. my great grandma, my grandma and my husbands grandma are (or were) all great bread makers. the more i make, the better i get. these french baguettes, i made last night, turned out lovely if i do say so myself. there is no better smell that bread baking in the oven to warm up your insides. the heat from the oven warmed up our cold kitchen a bit.
we ate these every morning last summer when we were in paris. simple, yummy, and oh so paris (to me anyway). i sent mr. traybella off to work this morning with a meat and cheese baguette. hopefully when he eats it, he won't only remember having them in paris, but think it was baked with love and that he won't have to leave the office in 4 degrees and buy a lunch.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi,
Thank you for reminding me of my trips to Paris. I have not blogged since I was over there this past summer. I needed to be reminded of how tranquil I felt over there.
Your bread looks wonderful and it makes my mouth water. Oh to tear a hunk off and eat it with those awesome french cheeses.

Have a great day!

koralee said...

Oh your baguettes are amazing..nothing is better than a fresh baguette with a slice of cheese. I have never made baguettes but did do some bun making the other day. I agree the smell is heaven. Thank you for visiting me.

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