06 January 2010

i'm outa here

there it was on the evening news...the school closings for today. kansas city was hit by a blizzard over the christmas holidays and apparently we're in for it again. it is not snowing yet...but they say it is coming.
i have on 3 sweaters this morning, leggins and jeans, socks and slippers and am still cold. i have turned the furnace up a notch and am afraid that if i continue to bake yummy things in the oven (just to have some extra heat) that i will not fit into my jeans anymore.
"i just shot 6 holes in my freezer, i think i have cabin fever...i've gotta go where it's warm!" (jimmy buffett says it best)
i have left this note for my husband:

dear mr. traybella,

i have taken the kids and headed for the airport... destination: tortola, BVI's. i know you are working hard (to provide heat for our house..) join us when you can. we'll be spending our afternoons here...

or maybe here if C can't keep from throwing the sand...

we'll have dinner here with this breathtaking view.... honey, your dinner is in the fridge..leftover shrimp pasta and i think there was one baguette left.

we'll be lounging in shorts and bare feet here as we play games and read books...

hope to see you soon, otherwise call me when the snow has melted and we'll think about coming home. ;)

1 comment:

Crystal said...

What is your location, I am booking my flight! Hope you won't mind some company.
I am feeling the same way here in PA, only you have received way more snow then we have so far. We must getting all of your leftovers. But could you warm them up alittle, before you send them next time :) Which looks to be tomorrow night, just in time for supper?
Thanks for sharing!

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