15 January 2010

switch plate : : an easy weekend project

good afternoon!
last month, when i repainted my dining room, i also covered my light switch. i simply printed this image (sorry, can't remember the exact site) from the internet and used it to cover my switch plate.
early last week i was flipping through the february issue of country living and right there on page 114...a covered switch plate (an adorable egg one). does that ever happen to you?! that you do something in your home, use something interesting in a tablescape, display your mantel a certain way and then see it duplicated in a magazine?! it happens to me ALL the time. the things that make you say hmmm...
i have covered switch plates for years. i used to be a professional wallpaper hanger (best job i ever had...seriously) and we would match the switch plates to the wallpaper that we put up.
i don't have photos of each step, but i will list here some tips to help make this project easy for you. you can use wallpaper, scrapbook paper, images printed from your computer, your kids artwork, any kind of paper really to personalize your switch plate.
step 1: chose your paper
step 2: remove your existing boring plastic switch plate cover; don't lose those tiny screws.
step 3: cut your paper allowing a 1/2" allowance on all four sides.
step 4: using a spray glue, spray your paper (use spray glue outside or in your garage...this stuff is a sticky mess)
step 5: carefully, because it will be sticky, place your paper on your switch plate, pressing the paper to the front carefully, making sure you get a good stick.
step 6: miter the corners, and then press the excess to the back of the switch plate.
step 7: hold the covered plate up to a light or window and with an exacto knife, cut out our slots for the switch to fit into.
step 8: with a tiny round screwdriver, skewer or something round, poke out the holes where the screws will go.
step 9: attach your plate onto your wall.
step 10: stand back and enjoy...you did it!
** you can also decoupage the front of the plate, which i would recommend if your switch is in a high traffic area. that way you can wash it down.
have a good weekend and if you have questions about this project leave me a message...but please make sure that i can reply to you...if you leave an anonymous comment, i can't back to you.


Crystal said...

You mean you have that happen to you too??? It is sometimes frustratin, because I think "Did I miss another opportunity for something?" What I don't know for sure, but it does make you wonder :)
This is a great decorating tip. My husband and I have done this for years. It beats paying those high plate prices for something not uniquely you. It is pretty simple especially with wallpaper. It gives it a seamless look.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Thanks for sharing.

Brabourne Farm said...

What a clever idea! Light switches have to be one of the ugliest things made. Also, a late thank you for visiting and for leaving such a lovely comment. Leigh

junkdreams said...

Your switch plate looks so very pretty!
Happy day.

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