28 January 2010

guess what?

good morning!
there is still time to enter the happiness giveaway...see post below.
guess what i am up to?
if you guessed 'taking a trip to paris' please guess again.
this is something else.
something fun that takes a bit of planning.
the kind of planning that i love to do.
so when i found the eiffel tower ~ i was thrilled.
and when i found the little white love birds ~ i squealed.
hmm..mmm... it's coming together nicely.
stay tuned...
i would love to hear your guess! leave it here in the comments.


Marci said...

You are planning a party for Valentine's Day?

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Redoing a room?
I don't know... but I bet its going to be awesome!

cityfarmer said...

mmmmmm ... now let me see ...perhaps a centerpiece for a romantic Valentine dinner for two????

The Whispering Creek House said...

PARTY!!!!!!!lalalaaa romantic valentines day! Am i right? lol

9405018--Pat said...

Must be a party.....can't wait...Pat H

Anonymous said...

I think you are planning a wedding for friends by the names of Pierre and Marie-Claire?
~ Leslie in Canada

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