26 January 2010

happiness : giveaway

last week gretchen rubin, author of the happiness project, blew through kansas city for a book signing. i have not read her book yet, it is on my list of things to get, but i did enjoy her (although very short) talk about her book at a local library. and what made me really happy was the conversation i had with my girlfriend at starbucks afterwards about happiness.
maybe some of you have heard of this book or have read it. it has recently been on the top sell list and she's been on the today show chatting about it.
at the chat she talked about knowing yourself first. who are you really? and what really makes you happy. this answer will be different for everyone and i think it will constantly change. because what makes you happy today, may not be what makes you happy in 20 years. because you'll be different then.
when i lived overseas i had lots of time for myself. this was pre-kids and i had the time to focus on me. i meditated, did yoga, played tennis, took pottery classes and did some major soul searching. and even though now i am a mom of two and living back in the states i still am confident in who i am. i feel that i know what direction i'm going in life and i am truly happy. oh sure there are parts of my life that could use some tweaking, there always will be. but trying to pin down what makes me happy is a little difficult sometimes.
helping others makes me happy. it can be as simple as delivering baked goods to a neighbor, fixing dinner for my family, creating a new art project for the boys, donating to a charity, volunteering at school, etc.
having a nicely decorated (with budget finds) house makes me happy. living in a smaller house makes me happy, and having a family to fill my house makes me happy.
but what about the big stuff? like dreams? i dream of living on a farm. more specifically a farm in the south of france. but would that really make me happy? i think sometimes that the idea makes me happy, but once i was packed, moved and settled, would i be?
anyway, i am anxious to read the happiness project and see what else i can learn on being happy.
and one other thing i know that makes me happy... giveaways! so i am going to give away a copy of the book the happiness project to one lucky winner.

* leave a comment and tell me what makes you happy...i mean really happy.
* non-reply comments cannot win....i need to be able to contact you by email.
* comments will close friday january 29th at 3:00pm cst.
* i will announce the winner friday night sometime.

thanks for playing!


cityfarmer said...

I have so many places that take me to happiness ... hearing the sound of my kids voices, cooking for them, sqeals of grandkids voices, my herb garden ... my pea gravel courtyard with the firepit would be right up there at the top,too ...

so glad we're friends

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I think I need to read the book, it sounds like a great book.

My son makes me truly happy. I enjoy him more than I ever thought was possible.
His relationship with my parents also makes me incredibly happy.
He spends so much time with them and loves every minute of it. (I guess that also makes me happy about the alone time with Hubs!) LOL


It'll Be Fine said...

Of course, my family makes me happier than I could have ever imagined. And it's not trips to Disney or extravagant things with them, it's the simple cuddling in bed together, watching them play with one another, doing crafts, all of that. I have felt like I was in a funk since the new year, but I've started sewing once again and I have to say that creating things also really gives me satisfaction!

Sara Farrar Photography said...

i cannot wait to read this book! thanks so much for the great tip:) what makes me happy... my kids, my husband, laughter, blowing bubbles, dancing, flannel blankets filled with our family, diet coke, running, date nights, being there when my kids wake up, good friends, traditions... wow! the list goes on.. cannot wait to read the book!!!!

The Whispering Creek House said...

my kids and husbands appreciation of me makes me feel happy...thanks kathi this is so sweet of you to invite me over and it did pick me up! lol

Oliver's said...

I have been looking for a book for my 20yr. old as I am scared to death that her generation,especially, is having a hard time finding "true" happiness and contentment. I myself find true happiness when my spouse and children are happy and healthy. I was once told that "if money can fix it...it is not really a problem". That quote has stopped many a pity party. Even if I have a flat tire, in a rain storm and my cell phone is dead, I try to think I would rather be in this place at this moment than sitting on the edge of my child's bed in St. Jude's hospital. It may sound dramatic but it keeps me focused on what is a "real" problem and what is "real" happiness.

9405018--Pat said...

I too have soon many places that make me happy...But life is good...My wonderful hubby of 41 years...make me happy and safe everyday...and of course my family bless with two wonderful sons and 2 daughter-in-law and my grandchildre bring me joy in life..thanks for sharing..Pat H

Anonymous said...

First of all..I love your blog! I think this post is very timely with everything that's happening in the world today. Happiness to me is Friday night pizza with all the family. Friday nights are my favorite because of the anticipation of the weekend!!

Robin In MD

Marci said...

The things that really make me happy are pretty simple: A mug of tea and a stack of decorating magazines, a fabulous home-cooked dinner and sitting down at a candlelit table with my husband, finding an unusual piece of furniture at a garage sale and making it over, fun things on the calendar to look forward to, seeing my sweet 15-year-old cat curled up sleeping peacefully...

Chas said...

One of the things that truly makes me happy is seeing my "little" man growing into a compassionate, thoughtful, and unique individual. When getting groceries with my 11 year old son he will often want to open the car door or carry the groceries for me. I love seeing that because I hope he will carry that into adulthood and be as thoughtful and giving in relationships as he gets older. He is kind-hearted and to often that seems to missing from our male counterparts. I have been following the authors blog for that last year and would love to get a copy of the book as it will be on my must read list in the near future! :-) Blessings to you!

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