11 January 2010

dream a little dream

on a frequent visit to the library i found 'celebrating home'. it is a beautiful book, published in 2005, so some of you may have seen this book. upon turning the second page, there it was. a similar home to the home i dream of having some day. it is the river house at cannon falls and it is so beautiful!
i would love love love to live on a farm and this would be my house...

here is what she would look like in the winter...

it would be on some land that isn't too rural. close enough to the city so that, until i got used to the piece and quiet, i could still venture into town. and it would have a beautiful old barn on the property too. maybe something like this...

or how about this! oh my this makes my heart beat so fast...

i would even settle for this one...

the boys have requested a barn with a zip line, lots of hay bales to climb on and a small enclosed movie theatre. i said yes! (because we are just dreamin' here...)
and i would like just a few chickens. enough to get some fresh eggs daily.
and for mr. traybella a vineyard. because he loves wine and he's good at making wine, he just doesn't have the time anymore.

some of you are probably saying...don't dream it, do it! and oh how i would love too. but for now the boys are content living on a cul-de-sac smack in the middle of a good neighborhood. good schools, walk to stores, friends all around. and mr. traybella...well he isn't really one who likes to did in the dirt, so those grapes would probably never really get planted. but for me...i'm already there...in my dreams. i can see it, i can feel the fresh country air, oh heck i can even smell the dirty old chicken coop.
i won't give up on this dream, it's just on stand by for awhile.
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The Whispering Creek House said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog..it looks like we both have a love of barns..I looked around your blog and had such a blast! I became a follower!

Sara Farrar Photography said...

ooooeee! and i will live just a few miles down the way. i LOVE that white house and the cozy barn. not sure i would know how to tend to any animals though. maybe i could stock my barn full of goodies instead. someday....sure is fun to dream!

Lauri ~ Vintage Arts Studio said...

Mom and I are sitting here looking at your blog...we both can "see" you in that beautiful old farm house! We will come and hang out!

Lauri and Marilyn

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