22 January 2010

clean then play

aaahhh...friday. thank you for the comments and emails about my master bedroom work in progress. as anxious as i am to get going on that project a little voice popped into my head (it was my moms) and it said "clean first then play". a rule from my childhood that still holds true today...thanks mom! ;)
there really isn't much in the bedroom to clean, but all of our closets have been needing some attention. 3 trash bags later i had a good mix, of all sizes, to donate to our local goodwill. with the lack of garage sales this time of year making a quick pass through the GW is always on my list of things to do.
this is a win win win situation:
closets are clean and i am now ready to get going on that bedroom redo...win!
three bags of donations to the local GW...win!
i get to shop at the GW since i'm already there...win!
ok, it seems to be a double win for me...and i do feel like i win when i donate...so i guess it's a triple win for me. my blog, my game = i win! ;)
i didn't find much at all at the GW. i actually like that it is so hit or miss. because when i do find something, it makes me even more excited. i love rusty metal architectural things. and for 98 cents i picked this up.

and ooooh how i wish it was large enough to go over the head of my bed in my new bedroom redo, but it is not. it is a trivet with the tile missing. so i ended up doing this with it...

not sure what my obsession with light switches is these days....but i love it here. i purposely did not cover this light switch with the wallpaper, because i thought if this was a real stone wall you wouldn't be able to cover the switch. but you could hang a rusty old trivet on a stone wall...wala!
cheers! to a great weekend.


2redsmom said...

What a creative idea! I love it. You've been a busy blogger this year; I've enjoyed all your posts. Keep it up!!

Anne Marie said...

great idea!

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