29 January 2010

helping out the locals

every week this family brings eggs from their farm to my market. get them fast, because they disappear quickly.
i like that they always add a little note in each carton.

the eggs are beautiful and so tasty. they are a bit more expensive, but so worth it.

on our list of things to do this summer we'll visit this farm and create the full circle of where our eggs really come from. the boys will love it, and i will love getting my feet on a farm.

i also like that they package their eggs in cardboard cartons instead of styrofoam. making it so much better for the environment. can't wait to visit them this summer.
you still have until 3pm cst today to enter the happiness giveaway! (see post below) i'll draw the winner tonight and post it.
on a question not even related to eggs.....did any of you London dancin' queens attend the opening of ABBA World yesterday?! so wish i could have been there. guess i need to add london to my list of places to visit.

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